B.E. Screen Tests

Every day in February, a Stanford student shares their passion, their quirks, and more. What do they all have in common? They embody Black Excellence.

Modeled after The New York Times Screen Tests.

Created by Tayo Amos, Class of 2014.
Contact Email: tayoamos@stanford.edu

zestaaay asked: Hey Tayo! I'm a Stanford junior and just watched all of your videos at once. And I have to say I loved every single one of them! Thanks for making this compilation, it was/is a great idea and I'm glad I got to watch it! It really opened my eyes to a lot of the different passions on campus, so that was really cool, esp as a wanna squeeze every last Stanford experience as I can in the time I have left. Anyway! Just wanted to let you know this was awesome and I hope you had fun at the Oscars!

Thank you so much! Enjoy your time at Stanford…I miss it so much! 


A Farewell Message from the Creator, Tayo Amos!

Some things I forgot to add: I am planning to create an interactive exhibit with these videos in March! I will announce more details soon.

My social media links are @tayolamos for Twitter and @tayoshoes for Instagram.

Thanks again for watching!! Hope you all enjoyed the series as much as I have enjoyed making it.

I’M IN LA!!!

Hey everyone! 

Hope you’re all enjoying the screen tests so far :)

So good news…I’m currently in LA for Team Oscar Week! I’m so excited for this amazing trip!

Even better news? The videos will still be posted until the end of this month so no worries! 

Keep following this blog for a video (or two!) every day. Also, if you want to stalk follow my adventures in LA, follow me on twitter (@tayolamos) or Instagram (@tayoshoes).

Until next time!